Is the Internet Killing the newspaper?

Let’s just go straight to the point! IT IS, because I don’t even touch the newspaper anymore. This is a new generation therefore; every old ways should be getting rid of because it’s dodgy for example the newspaper. For my personal experience none of my family doesn’t read newspaper instead their on the internet “clicking clicking clicking” none stopped comparing it to newspaper “next page next page” It actually got me dizzy something just folding silly paper noises ( that doesn’t just irritate me but people around me). If  It was internet you could watch, listen, read  (its free!) but when it comes to the newspaper read read read ( not free).

Outstanding performance rating and the useful of Internet, many people has used internet, for example in the toilet while you’re sitting there doing your job, or in the bus waiting to get home. It’s so popular but imagining newspaper nowadays to be use much often is un-imaginable for example “it’s like Hitler being in love with a black Jew homosexual person”. I don’t know if you agree with me or what if not you must be crazy, if you disagree with my opinion, you must be a newspaper writer. Newspaper are slow to be process, but internet is quicker in process , if paper where still popular and an army attack this country , the quickest way to get this information is by internet and not newspaper therefore! INTERNET IS KILLING THE NEWSPAPER!

Isn’t papers made out of from Tree?  Which are cut from the amazon forest or other forest that are being destroyed that effects the nature environment? How about? Internet electricity doesn’t affect much than the tree isn’t that right?. Therefore this is resulting to internet is really killing the newspaper due to the environmental way that has to be approach and treated nature to be delicate. Due to our resources of paper we got to stop making more paper meaning useless papers are supposed to be cut off or to killed equivalent to  making internet to kill the newspaper (end of story period).   

Imagine a World With One Language

Imagine a World with One Language

Imagine a world with just one language, there wouldn’t be any complication of understanding each other. You wouldn’t have to study another language because it was compulsory. People everywhere you could be able to understand. It would ease the way of living among us.


At a positive side, there wouldn’t be any contradiction with other culture, trying to learn they’re language if you’re visiting or moving to another country. There wouldn’t be racism than before, for a true life story. When I was a kid back in London, African man shouted “ching chong wala ting tong” then made their eyes squint, when they see me or see me with my friends. Even though I wasn’t Chinese, anger confronted my feeling towards them, making me imagine a world with one language. Racism wouldn’t be overwhelmed as it is now.  Another positive side, when you are primary you are forced to learn another second language, for another example at Philippines I learned Tagalog and English, at London I learned Spanish and French. But outside the class you wouldn’t be able or even use all this language. If it was just one language we could understand each other, there would be only one language to be learned. There wouldn’t be pain for another student who isn’t interested to learn another language. Last positive side, English was my second language but although it wasn’t my strong language, it was Tagalog. My parents told me to speak Tagalog at home or I’ll get beaten up (JOKE) and I live in an English Country now for about seven years. But it’s still hard for me to learn English for a high level for college that’s why I dropped to accredited English. That affected me to an accredited package, but the world only has one language I wouldn’t have a complication or you wouldn’t have a complication to a language because you will speak it a lot of times and be fluent to it.

Putting it to a negative side if there was only language, the culture inheritage wouldn’t be amazing as it would be; language is a trademark of a country that represents our culture. It’s a way to detect your fellow country man and women, with these different types of languages. Plus even though it’s evil to use a language that other people doesn’t understand and you are rudely cussing them with your friends or families without them noticing. It is entertaining for us to do it because I do it and you do it without this it wouldn’t be fun with your culture to have a laugh with.  We wouldn’t make our other culture smile if it’s only one language, because if we learned other culture language and we communicate with them with this. We get closer to each other and become friends. Learning language is fun if you’re interested in to someone a girl or a boy just to get them they’re attention.

These are positive ideas and negative ideas that came out of my mind, there are so many ideas that can be announce about this topic, but overall.  In my opinion having one language is really amazing it could make my life easier so as everyone’s life easier.

By: Rossen De Ramos