Threatening or Freezing Cold?

Threatening or Freezing Cold?

Threatening or Freezing Cold?

This is a picture of my friend, does he look bad? Does he look dangerous, does he look like his up or something? or maybe his just cold. It’s winter in Australia, or could be winter anywhere, or in whatever season, in whatever countries that might be cold. His all wrapped up, scarfed up, snapback on, his studio beats is on. He might look like his up for no good, but trust me he couldn’t hurt a bunny or a rabbit. In this propaganda, I’m trying to persuade that not everyone look threat full, even though they’re all wrapped up like an assassin ready to kill someone. I’m trying to persuade everyone that looks at other people as if they’re dangerous, even though they’re in a situation when they’re freezing so they’re all wrapped up. I’m trying to persuade adults, they live mostly everywhere. They dress with style, they work in a good manner workplace, and they spend their free time listening to classic or even rock, because this mainly affects the hip-hop industry (swag) vs. (style). Clothes can change people’s opinion about others, but you got to get to know them first before you assume they’re dangerous or contradict.

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