RIP BOXING (June 9 2012)

Wondering why? I said RIP Boxing, because if you’ve been watching the boxing match this month June 9 2012. Between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, this match was imposturous, unfair, unelectable, unreliable, and undependable on how the judges selected Bradley as the winner. If you’ve watch the full fight, most of the judges voted that Manny Pacquiao was equal to Bradley’s strength even though Pacquiao nearly killed him with his fearful fast punches.

If you wan’t to see the match, this is the full highlight of the match.

Manny Pacquiao walked out undamaged while Bradley was sent to the ambulance badly damage resulting for him to be in a wheel chair. Manny Pacquiao was untouched, this matched was scripted, divesting point of view therefore the fate, love, fun, of boxing has died for me and for a lot of people has.I’m not just supporting Manny Pacquiao because his a Filipino like me or his an Asian like me, but it’s the point of view that this match has been overly not fair.

To back my points up this is a picture of how celebrities around the world think about this fight, their tweets from twitter.


See how many celebrities tweeted about this match, its all negative, there ain’t no negative. The judges have really got no eyes to look what is wrong and what is right? The boxing for lots of people has died because of this unacceptable decision. At the end of this much lot’s of people walked out with different emotion, and according to a Philippines news, a man has died because of the decision that has been made, because of the cheating scheme they put through this.

I know how it’s not Bradly’s fault, but everyone has suggested to give the belt back. Bradley hadn’t lost a match, so maybe his part of this scripted play , that’s  just a chance he has, but because of his respond to the match video, this is what he said.

After reviewing the tape over 10 times. And listening to what all my fans and haters had to say about the fight. I have made a decision. I shall return this belt to its true rightful owner. LIKE AND SHARE if you support my decision. I shall release this information to the press and media shortly.

I hope he has actually given back belt to Pacquaio, but overall they are planning a rematch because of this unfaithful event. We all hope that boxing be ressurected from the death, because for me boxing has died because of this.

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